real time ( kosovars )




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real time ( kosovars )

Chapter 1 :

I went  , this 17 june , 2009 , to Bourg en Bresse , Ain , poor France ,
to take some pics of 20 people from Kosovo , living in the streets since one month .
They got none official help ( as the laws oblige to do  ) but  some from associations .
Now they have this sort of sit-in in front of the  regional
academic district .
One guy was speaking english and asked me  to shoot too the families and the tent .
I asked him where they wanted to go , he answered   "France" :(

Chapter 2 :

Years ago I was travelling to London with 50 of my pupils .
As we were waiting the ferry in a port near Calais , north of poor France ,
I had the idea to run to the beach .
5 or 6 pupils were with me and after 10 minutes 2 cops stoped us :
"Who are you ? where you go ? "
- "I want to watch the beach , Sir "
- "No no no , please come back quick  to the bus ".

It was during the dark year  when Nato was bombing Kosovo , or just after .
So ..when we were at school , some days later  , in peace and love at school ,
pupils  teased me a moment with "Dumdum - kosovar "
( as Dumdum was and  is still   my nick ) .
( I gues they have the TV at home and the news of the world  )

Chapter 3 :

In may 2009 , a nice ancient pupil of mines  had the idea to organise a meeting of ancient pupils of her age .
It had been a very nice friendly meeting , we had something to drink and  to spoke about , because of the ancient souvenirs :)

At the end , when I was leaving , Leslie asked me :

" Hum , Monsieur  Dumenieu , could I ask you , please , what was this strange story about "kosovar" , the boys of the upper class  were telling , when I was young  in that school ?"
So now she knows the secret :)

Chapter  4 :

We had an exhibition recently , with a nice colleague , and pupils ,
about the thema "Travelling" ....
"On the road " :)  ...

I had the ( stupid ? ) idea to have this talk during the opening  meeting ,
friday june 13 , 2009 :

Beaucoup de migrants vont vers les pays du Sud ,
on les appelle des touristes ,
et en même temps beaucoup de migrants vont vers les pays du Nord ,        
on les appelle des émigrants .

Permettez -moi de souhaiter ,
à l'occasion de cette exposition ,
aux uns comme aux autres ,
certains se trouvent sans doute parmi nous ,

qu'ils aient tous les papiers nécessaires pour pouvoir rêver leurs voyages et les réaliser ,
et qu'aucune forteresse ne soit bâtie par des lois prétendûment sécuritaires ,
contre leurs rêves d'une vie meilleure , ou d'une vie autre , ou même tout simplement d'une vie rêvée

Many migrants go to the South,
they are called tourists
and at the same time many migrants go to the North,
they are called emigrants.

Let me wish
on the occasion of this exhibition,
to both,
some are no doubt among us,

they have all necessary paperwork for their travel to dream and achieve,
and that no fortress is built by laws allegedly safe,
against their dreams of a better life,  or another life , or even simply  a dream life .


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