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George mailed me :
"You will first find a sort of "cairn", then my "cabin" is 500 meters on the right."

I have no idea why I accepted to go to meet him and his wife in Inuksuk, it is really a shitty country.
As is my english.

And it is very expensive to go there !
But I love George. And I must move. Or I will die.

Btw I just hope that no one on the web will check if I stoled these pics or not.

And to tell all the truth, days after, and some hours after I was writing this page,
Google told me that the word "Inuksuk" ( or "Inukshuk" ) is not for a land or any place,
but for the Inuit art : it is a "cairn" !

Here is the movie of my trip : Inuksuk

And now I decide to sell the "cairn" I didn't made :