Welcome to an improved 3D scanning experience on Volumental.com!

12 March 2014

Dear Volumentalist,

It’s been a long time since we last wrote to you! We hope that you’re doing great and enjoying the nice spring sunshine!
A lot has happened on Volumental.com recently. Now we would like to invite you to try our improved user experience and new functionality!

The three biggest highlights are:
  1. A beta for our Scan-2-Print functionality.
  2. The Volumental Uploader for Windows users, an easier and more stable way of scanning. For instructions on setting up the Volumental Uploader, go here.
  3. A scan school! Check out our videos on how to scan and get started. 
To get started with the Scan-2-Print beta go to Volumental.com, create an account, login and start scanning with your depth camera. To make a model 3D printable, just press the “Print” button on your model’s page. The beta is open for all our users and downloads using the Scan-2-Print functionality are free during March. Additional features and fixes will be made available continuously.
We’d love your feedback! A survey will be conducted in the end of March, and do reach out before then if you have any feedback.
Last, it’s hard to buy depth cameras at this point. We therefore got hold of a few extra Carmine 1.09s for you, which are available for purchase from us if you need an OpenNI-compliant camera and are having trouble finding any in stores. Reach out to us at info@volumental.com if you’re interested, and we’ll see what we can do.
Have a great week and we’ll keep you posted!
All the best,
The Volumental Team

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